Lisbon Lion memories

With regards to memories of the Celtic legend Billy McNeill, we have a photo of my older sister Margaret and her two oldest kids Chris and Roselynn.

It was taken at Butlins holiday camp approximately 44 years ago.

Margaret remembers Billy as being a gentleman.

Bill Carroll, via email

U-turn on aviation tax

Scrapping the ridiculous drop-off and pick-up charges would help make Glasgow Airport more attractive to passengers.

The loss of routes last year at Glasgow had little or almost nothing to do with APD.

These were operational and business decisions by the airlines involved despite the popularity and profitability of the routes axed.

Already it’s obvious some have made a mistake. No sooner had Ryanair, for example, cleared off than they were wanting back on some routes.

A B Dickson, posted online

Cutting emissions

We need to tax aviation as we won’t come close to cutting the emissions and helping with the reduction in carbon footprint

if we continue on the path we are at the moment.


Anne Hughes, posted online