Amazing effort

WITH regards the 19st weight loss by Gary Kirkwood (ET online, Wednesday), what an inspiring effort. What this man did wasn’t easy but he proves it can be done if you’re dedicated. Well done.

Joe Black, posted online

Amazing effort. You’ve probably added years to your life and have saved the NHS thousands in the long run. Fantastic.

Gregor Cox, posted online

Bottle deposit scheme

Another totally unworkable process brought in by the SNP who are just keeping the Green Party happy to get the majority in Holyrood (Drinks can and bottle deposit scheme to be introduced across Scotland, Wednesday).

It will cost me more time and effort to take my bottles somewhere to recycle them. Imagine all the households in the country doing that? Loads of totally unnecessary car journeys, just to claim back 20p per item. Instead we just throw them in our kerbside recycle bins and one single truck collects them on one day of the week.

We currently recycle them at the moment, what’s the problem? Oh that’s right wee Pat isn’t happy and Nicola needs his votes. Nothing but political point scoring.

Andrew, posted online

People won’t take them back one at a time and in Amsterdam they take them back when they are doing their shopping, deposit items in machine and it comes off the bill at the till. No-one will be forced to take them back if you want to put them in recycle bin then that will be fine.

David Odod, posted online

This is all well and good but what about the people, like myself, who cannot drive but do recycle via the coloured bins? Due to health conditions I tend to do one big monthly

online shop and pick up the rest intermittently. Will the supermarkets then collect the accumulated empty containers and deduct this from the total?


Olivia Donnelly, posted online