Orange Order action

The recent court action by the Orange Order to allow them to march along their intended route was unnecessary.

All that was required was for the Order to slightly re-route their march, which would have defused the matter and shown a degree of respect for other people’s views.

It is regrettable that prior to the court action, appeals to the Orange Order to think again about their intended route, fell on deaf ears.

Name and address supplied

Jumping red lights

THE number of drivers jumping red traffic lights is increasing.

Yesterday morning on my way to work, the driver of a private taxi deliberately jumped a red light while everyone else was waiting for the lights to turn green.

The driver of the taxi narrowly missed a car crossing the junction and, this time at least, an accident was avoided.

Where are the cameras recording the reckless driving? Why are these selfish, reckless and inconsiderate drivers not being caught and fined? Why is the police not on top of this? These drivers are a danger to other drivers, cyclists and pedestrians so why is the number on the increase and nothing is being done about it?

There should be more cameras installed and speed cameras to record the drivers who jump red lights.

If the Scottish Government can find sufficient funds to put Gaelic signs under already existing road signs, it can surely find funds for more cameras. One of these days someone will be killed.

CB, Shawlands

Don’t waste the chance

THIS is a golden opportunity for Glasgow to turn George Square into a truly memorably spot to visit (New look for George Square, Tuesday).

Let’s not rush it. George Square is a famous spot and and a new look should be one that will make it a must-see for tourists and locals in Glasgow.

M Anderson, via email