We received many comments on last night’s front page story on two new bus gates set for the city centre next month. Read the full story



Here’s a selection of comments...

Read your article last night and I. completely disagree with this. Back to front.

Time to stop buses coming through city centre. They pollute like nothing else. Hope Street and Renfield Street are two of the most polluted streets in Europe. Caused by the buses. They are a significant danger to pedestrians. And they tear up the street surfaces.

I appreciate there are downsides, particularly for disabled.


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But time to replace Anderson Bus Station with one at St Enoch/Osborne Street to complement Buchanan Bus Station. This would transform the city centre at a stroke.

We should not bow to the bus companies. Council has got this totally the wrong way round.

Nick, via email

Glasgow City Council seems to be intent on turning Glasgow into traffic chaos.

It won’t affect councillors or officials as they travel in taxis paid by taxpayers.

David Black, posted online

Another nail in the coffin of Glasgow city centre. Under the watchful eye of the SNP council.

Gregory Allan, posted online

Excellent news – buses are forced to travel far too slowly through the city centre by the sheer number of cars on the roads. Hope this can improve things!


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Buses are the most commonly used and accessible form of public transport in Glasgow, so please spare us the nonsense about how this is going to kill the city


Decreasing the volume of cars (not least on Union Street, where many visitors get their first impression of the city after leaving Central Station) is a great move!

Liam, posted online