Staff contract change

So Asda want to change their staff contracts on a take it or be sacked ultimatum.

Excuse me but have we gone back to the Victorian ages?

This I can see being the first of companies changing contracts with no legal recourse.

Once we leave the European Union this will happen more and more as the ordinary worker will have lost the safety net of the European courts.

It is a fairly safe bet that the Tories will have no problem letting companies play the big bad boss that will see ordinary workers working harder for less and companies seeing their profits soar.


Glasgow MPs hit out at ‘sign up or be sacked’ Asda

There is a way we as customers could show our disapproval of this bully boy tactics and that is boycott Asda for a week or longer if necessary.

When there is nobody walking through their front door they would get the message.

What we don’t seem to grasp is as customers we have so much power that we just don’t use.

When it comes to the bottom line all shops want as much of our disposable income as possible so easily we can with-hold that until they get the message. Will it happen?

I’d love to think so but I fear not and the poor worker will be treated disgracefully.

Ken Dunsmuir, East Kilbride

Quitting smoking

WITH regards to Barlinnie struggling to support the number of inmates who want to stop smoking. I quit 15 months ago after 47 years smoking.

I just decided one day that I wasn’t prepared to pay the money anymore. I use a vape now and have never looked back.


Barlinnie struggling to support smokers to quit after jail ban

It must be difficult to be in a prison situation and try to stop but don’t do the crime etc. I guess I’m one of the fortunate few who does have willpower when I have to and I wish them all well in their attempts.

Anne McCurley, posted online

Bus fare hike

I read that First Bus is at it again and increasing fares.

The company is really taking advantage now of its customers.


Going up! Bus fares set to rise in Glasgow once again

The amount of money my monthly ticket has gone up by over the last few years is an absolute joke.

It’s about time this firm had some serious competition.

SB, Glasgow