Jessie’s fantastic story

The story of Glasgow-born suffragette Jessie Stephen was fascinating. What this woman achieved was incredible.

The names of the 100 men and women being gathered by the Evening Times who have put the city on the map is something we should be proud of.

It may be an idea to compile a short publication highlighting the stories of these remarkable people. I am sure there would be great interest.

I am sure if there was a charge for the publication, people would be willing to pay with the proceeds going to a good cause such as the fight against homelessness and child poverty.

MA, Glasgow

No-go for scooter idea

WITH regards to the article on Glasgow ‘reaping the benefit’ from electric scooters, in Paris you’re constantly stepping over/walking round abandoned scooters left strewn on the pavements.

Another city I have visited recently, Indianapolis also has them and guess what... same problem.

Too many idiots already infest our streets as it is without encouraging more... No thanks!

Johnstone Smyth, posted online

Striking pilots

I READ the article on BA pilots going on strike. I just do not believe in striking as a course of action in most cases – some of course are correct to do.

I certainly do not believe in striking when workers are paid so much money and are easily paid more than most of their competitors in the same roles.

Moonk Master, posted online

Golf course plan

Glasgow doesn’t need more trees, but it does need more housing (Glasgow looks at proposals to re-forest golf courses, Monday).

Gregory Allan, posted online