Transport headache

I agree with the writers of recent letters (Cost of marches and Enough is enough) when they express dismay at the City Council’s shutting down of the city centre for events which effectively make many parts of our city “no go areas”, for example almost every event involves closing the Trongate, High Street, Saltmarket and of course Glasgow Cross. This means that the East End is left without public transport often all day and night. The residents and businesses in the East End feel that we are being treated as second-class citizens. Perhaps its time the council were reminded that Glasgow belongs to us and is not theirs to use as they wish.

Billy Gold, Gallowgate

Brexit in spotlight

With the lack of scrutiny of the government on Brexit with the suspension of parliament, I would suggest that a cross party select committee be convened every few days until parliament returns. The committee would comprise senior representatives of each party and be televised to the public. This would hopefully give greater transparency and accountability to Brexit.

Robert Reid, Glasgow

Glass glory

IT’S great to see the glass front of Queen Street Station almost finished. It’s quite a piece of engineering and a big improvement on what was there before.

When we saw the artist’s impressions of how it would look when it was finished, you got the idea that it would be brilliantly lit, and I certainly hope that turns out to be the case, so that the beautiful metal archway from the original station can be seen in all it’s glory.

H W, Glasgow

All front

Nice glass, shame about the train service.

John Davidson, posted online

Just hot air?

If the FM is serious about a ‘climate emergency’ then she will demand that the Glasgow COP26 conference is held by means of video links. If not, then the climate crisis alarmism is just so much hot air.

Mary Wilson, posted online