PART of the benefits system in process of being devolved to Scotland have ended up in chaos. 

Despite SNP Minister saying that it is a ‘bold and ambitious plan’, a recent Audit Scotland report says the “ Scottish Government does not have a clear understanding of the key things needed to deliver all the benefits in the way that it intends”.

Attendance Allowance, Carer’s Allowance and Disability Allowance are now all delayed till 2021 or 2022,  as the Scottish Government tries to get the child benefit section of the programme delivered on time. 

Their own Chief Digital Officer said “it’s important to note we can’t do this on our own”, and Scottish Government Director for Operations added: “We will reach many Scottish people through this devolved programme. But those same people will still rely on the UK Government for other benefits and pensions”.

I’m not going to add anything to this – the Scottish Government’s own actions and officers speak volumes for our country if it was entirely run by the SNP.
Anne Wimberley
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WITH regards to the article in Friday’s Evening Times – Glasgow crackdown on cars ‘won’t help city workers’ – I don’t see the problem. 

Having a car gives you the option to go where you like for shops and services, and if Glasgow City Council doesn’t want people in cars in its city centre then we’ll go elsewhere. 

I’m sure there’s room for a few more charity shops and tanning salons in the city.
Bill Evans
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MUMBAI is building an underground train system to take traffic off the roads.

Why isn’t Glasgow enlarging the Subway system?

Is it because we are a Third World country?
Ronnie Simpson 
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I’M not sure why E-bikes are so popular with the prices they charge (Evening Times, Friday). 

It’s just as cheap to hire a car these days!
Dave Mackinnon
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I READ the story on the family-friendly move for the Thornwood bar (Evening Times Thursday).

I took empty ‘midden’ beer bottles back to the Thornwood in the 50s as they had a stamp on them.

I lived in Whiteinch but Partick was always my favourite hangout when in my teens. 

I have to say, I never seen anything but happy shipyard workers in those days. 

I left in 1969 but I always pop in to the Thornwood on my way up to the Rosevale and the Windsor. 

I’ve been away 50 years but will always stop there. 

I read the Evening Times every day and don’t recall a bad story about the Thornwood.

Tommy Brotherston
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WELL done to Ruby Dailly for landing a spot in the new John Lewis TV advert (Evening Times, Friday).

Her family must be so proud. It’s something she can look back on with pride when she’s older. It’s great to read a happy story for a change.

I WAS pleased to read that Bier Halle on Gordon Street has been celebrating its 20th anniversary.

It’s nice to see an establishment lasting that long in the city centre. It proves you can survive if you offer up a good product and excellent service. Well done!
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