WITH regards to plans being in limbo over the future of the old BHS on Sauchiehall Street (Evening Times, Tuesday), I think it’s a disgrace that nothing has happened to this site.

Developers had an ideal opportunity when the section of the street was closed off after the blaze opposite.

The building is an utter eyesore and an embarrassment for the city centre.

If the council could afford to purchase it, the street would benefit from a park area in its space rather than more offices, which would no doubt end up being empty further down the line.
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I FEAR nothing will happen with the site of the old BHS store the longer this rumbles on.

Sauchiehall Street is going to end up being a ghost town if any of the big retailers, such as Primark, Boots and Marks and Spencer, ever decide to close up and leave the area.

This street used to be such an iconic spot in the city centre. Even with the work that has been completed at the other end of the street, there are still so many empty shop units.

Something has to be done to encourage retailers and restaurants to open up on Sauchiehall Street.

IT was such a shame to read the ordeal faced by Kathleen Wilson at her flat in Cranhill (Evening Times, Monday).

Her children’s health can’t be risked with such awful conditions in her current property.

I hope something can be done to help and she can get a new home as soon as possible.
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I WAS interested to read your columnist Mike Dailly’s views on improving financial wellbeing.

Talking about money issues is key if you want to avoid getting ripped off on a regular basis.

They are too many people around now-a-days who will attempt to con you if they get half a chance.
Jack Stuart
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I ENJOYED Monday’s feature on Cafe Gandolfi celebrating its 40th anniversary.

It’s a restaurant I’ve always enjoyed visiting with superb food and service.
J Reilly
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FRANKLY I don’t think any mainstream political party will change this situation (Charities warn of homelessness deaths as temperatures plummet).

I just hope after this election we get new parties. I’d have been happier if better options were available now, but it’s only a matter of time.
Tim Johnston
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I AGREE with your correspondent E K in Tuesday’s letters page on what to do with the amount of money coined in by Glasgow City Council from bus gate fines.

It should be used to fix our pothole-filled roads in the city.

I’m sick of seeing the same potholes returning weeks later due to poor repairs.

Temporary repairs are not working on many of the potholes across Glasgow.
F Scott
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I THINK the additional bus gates in Glasgow city centre are a disgrace.

I feel sorry for any tourists who drive into the city centre.

They don’t have a chance of escaping without a fine. It’s not as if public transport into the city centre makes it worth ditching the car and taking a bus or train.

No wonder so many people opt for Braehead and Silverburn.