THE first leaders’ debate has taken place with Jeremy and Boris face to face.

I’m surprised the building never took off with the amount of hot air spouted from both “leaders”.

And Boris showed how two-faced he is by repeatedly calling Jeremy, Mr Corbyn as he usually just calls him Corbyn when he is not face to face. He usually addresses Nicola Sturgeon as plain old Sturgeon, yet even she was getting her full moniker, if this is the best we have to offer I think I will be moving country.

Richard Low


I AM writing as campaign co-ordinator for the Scottish Tenants Organisation to state that more night shelters and council properties should be opened now so that we do not have more homeless people dying on our streets this winter.

They should access warm, dry, secure accomodation and be given food and medical supervision.

In the meantime, Glasgow’s £3.1million cut in budget should be restored and inflation-proofed and the homeless service operated by the council should come under special measures through the Scottish Government – sending in a management team to take it over and restructure so that it works for the homeless and not against them as it currently does. We do not want the 47 deaths of last winter. It can be avoided with political will.

Sean Clerkin

Scottish Tenants Organisation

THE Evening Times proved that it is truly the newspaper with a heart with its front page article on the 47 deaths of homeless people in Glasgow last year.

It’s well beyond time we had an effective national policy to prevent these tragic, needless deaths.

Stephen McCarthy

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OUR story on a 20mph speed limit for most of the city’s streets sparked many comments. Here’s a selection of them...

WELL at 20mph you will have a decent chance to dodge all the potholes on the roads (Nearly all Glasgow roads set for 20mph limit as plans take step forward).

John Agnew

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HOW does. Slowing all travel, causing tailbacks help with emissions?

Sorry but this is a stupid idea. I cycle and on my bike am going over 20mph. Does that mean I will get done for speeding?

John James

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TO be fair, you don’t get much opportunity to get over 20mph on a lot of Glasgow’s roads anyway.

David Mackinnon

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IF it’s dark or roads have parked cars everywhere, then 20mph is a sensible speed.Aas a car driver this is a good idea.


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EXCELLENT news; it’s what we have wanted for a long time.

Far better to have a standard 20mph rather than all the expensive, piecemeal zones that we have at the moment. It will cut down pollution and cut down the severity of any collisions, and let’s hope it gets more people walking and cycling to improve their enjoyment of travelling round the city and to improve their health.

Patricia Fort

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IS this really necessary? Does Glasgow have higher rates of road traffic accidents than the rest of country?

Charles James Napier

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WE have had 20mph painted

on our road for at least 10


Nobody bothers about it

as there are no police to enforce


Another waste of council


Alan Morrison

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WHEN the previous 20mph

zone was introduced the police said they would not enforce

it. It hasn’t stopped the speeding on Glasgow’s St Vincent Street

in the city centre, which is already under the existing 20mph limit.


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IT’S a start. I’m fed up

with the number of drivers speeding along roads, as if the Highway Code doesn’t apply to them.

And don’t get me started on amber gamblers and red light jumpers.

The junction at Cathedral Square is particularly


Colin MacEwan

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