WHEN is this soft-touch justice going to stop (Glasgow doctors, nurses and paramedics suffer almost 3000 physical attacks in a year)?

The thugs are getting away with murder as the SNP government has laid down sentencing guidelines for judges to stop sending people to jail. Has anyone had a £10,000 fine or a 12-month prison sentence for assaulting a doctor or a nurse in Scotland?
Shaun Castello

NURSES are even more likely to be attacked and abused than doctors – they are the front line, the ones who face the wrath of those who behave in the most despicable way – but very little is done to protect them.

Our government needs to take a hard line against those that behave in that way.
Jack Arthur

I HAD to remove my trouser belt there to go through the X-ray (Glasgow Airport slammed over security queue ‘shambles’). When I collected my tray at the other side, the belt was missing.

I complained but was told I had probably left my belt at home.

It cost me £15 to buy a replacement in the departure lounge shops.
Jasper Smith

A GLASGOW Airport spokesperson said: “We experienced longer than usual queues at our security hall earlier and would like to apologise to those passengers who were caught up in those queues.”

There you go, a full detailed response highlighting where it went wrong!
Jon Bruce

THIS is still a shocking event, even after all these years (Rangers pay tribute to 66 victims of Ibrox Disaster with wreath-laying ceremony). The images and reports frightened me at the time, as a child, and still are a grim sight today.

Those who lost their lives should be remembered, and respected by all followers of football.
Eugene Lafcadio

PARENTS should be able to afford to have babies and not rely on the SNP for boxes (Expectant Glasgow mothers received 11,000 baby boxes in 2019), as if there were no boxes they would just have to get on with it – and why give them to the well off who can afford it?

It’s the same with free prescriptions for the well off, Nicola Sturgeon looking after the well off but with nothing for the homeless or starving children or the foodbanks that folk contribute to. Maybe if she stopped sending money abroad for other children and looked after our own.
Betty McCormick

SO all new mothers receive these boxes, whether rich or poor. This doesn’t make economical sense.
Angus McKay

JINGS, a good news story for a change.

No doubt you’ll have some of the same, never-pleased depressing soul-suckers on to find something negative...

Happy 2020 to them.
Johnnie Aye

IT was not only Hogmanay TV that let the viewers down – all the channels, including freeview, were a huge disappointment. The viewers were subjected to films that have been on TV for many years, the TV shows were all from years ago (60s,70s, 80s).

It is long past the time that the TV programmes were updated to more up-to-date films and shows.

The BBC has failed miserably and it is long overdue for the licence to be scrapped and the BBC close down.
Disgusted Viewer