THEY should be put to community service for months on end (Shock moment idiot teens throw lifebelts into River Clyde, Tuesday).

Have their free time taken away from them. If they’re not in school, studying or sleeping at night they’re working for the community.

They’re also not allowed anywhere near any of this safety equipment again – unless they are in water drowning – otherwise they will be prosecuted and given a criminal record that stays on there for life. Clearly stating that they’re willing to put lives at risk for their own fun.

Moonk Calder

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AFTER reading the letter in Monday’s Glasgow Times, it seems to be that councils up and down the country waste tens of thousands of pounds of tax payers money on creating restrictions in our towns and cities but don’t enforce these.

Glasgow appears to only have a problem between 9am and 5pm where upon parking has penalties applied after that free for all creating more congestion than so-called rush-hour traffic.

I have even seen police cars use the two-way cycle lane on Sauchiehall Street to get passed congestion at Charing Cross at times.

So why bother spending our money when they ignore every restriction they impose?

H Mckean

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I LISTENED to Boris Johnson yesterday but not one word about WHO’s advice to ‘test, test, test’. I’m still looking for leadership.

Anthony Martin

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I SEE the the council is thinking about changing the frequency of general waste and glass bin collections.

That would work for me as it is only my wife and I, and we live in a one-bedroom flat, but what about people who have children, say two or three – the amount of waste from them is going to be greater.

Any council thinking about going down this road has to think about the size of each household.

Jim Tees

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IT will level out (Barry Ferguson expects ‘serious financial troubles’ for clubs during coronavirus SPFL shutdown, Glasgow Times online).

Hopefully clubs will live within their means and not go for the quick fix and introduce more homegrown players.

Simon Taylor

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