DURING the first lockdown my upstairs neighbour returned from visits to two Covid hotspots in other continents.

She didn’t have to undergo any quarantine restrictions, didn’t remain at one address on her return to the UK or wear any protective equipment when she was allowed access to my home to check effluent from her toilet leaking from her property into mine. She then left the country without repairing the leak.

It therefore seems a bit pointless to have a second lockdown for five and a half million people if others are free to enter the country and cause mayhem at will.


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INTERESTING letter from R Low of Twechar regarding the tolls on the M6. It’s a pity most, if not all, of his facts are wrong!

M6 Toll is not a public road built and maintained with public funds but a private road built and maintained by private money and the tolls are collected by the owners to fund its operation.

The original public M6 remains for those who do not wish to use the toll road.


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WHEN Joe Biden takes up residence in the White House as the 46th American president, Boris Johnson will be compelled to re-think his costly and fruitless Brexit negotiations with the EU.

Up till the present, Boris was prepared to illegally scrap the Good Friday agreement, wrongly assuming he would secure a trading deal with Donald Trump’s America.

Boris failed to note that Trump had vastly increased the triffs on Scotch whisky and knitwear.

Therefore any trade deal with America would have been solely on Trump’s terms.

So far the only trade agreement Boris’s government has made has been with Japan. It has since been reported that the new US government will not trade with Britain if they are not prepared to honour their commitment to the Good Friday Agreement. Therefore once again, Boris Johnson and his government have shot themselves in the foot

R Downes

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I THINK the crackdown on hospitality just goes to show the Scottish Government has an issue with the sale of alcohol in Scotland.

First it was the end of happy hours and then the introduction of minimum pricing and now the latest restrictions. What a joke!

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