NEW figures have revealed that sportsmen are three times more likely to suffer from gambling addiction than average workers, with online betting and easy access to money not helping matters.

For sportsmen and people in general, it's much easier to access gambling than ever.

There are apps that can be downloaded on to your mobile, giving opportunity to gamble anytime you want.

It's far removed from past years when you needed to physically walk into a bookmakers and hand over your money.

It makes you wonder if the gambling problem is due to a betting culture or peoples' personalities but I blame advertising.

Jason Findlay Glasgow Via email

Test yourself

REGARDING the new drink driving laws, why not do as they do in France and make it law that you carry a self breathalyser in the car.

They are available in this country to buy and the limit in France is the same as the new limit here.

It lets you check yourself before you drive if you think you may be over the limit.

At only £6 for two, it's well worth it. I wouldn't be without them.

They are endorsed by the French government so are pretty accurate.

Pete Gibson Lanark Posted online

Refugee flats

REGARDING refugees 'at risk' in early move from Red Road flats (December 3) - Glasgow City Council embarrassed itself earlier this year with the planned Commonwealth Games demolition of the flats that surrounded the refugees, leaving them in a rubble wilderness.

The Home Office and city council must liaise with the refugees, prop- erly rehouse them and speed up applications.

Thomas Devine Cambuslang

Cycle winners

GLAD to see some of the new Gordon's Gears bikes still being used around the town - even in winter. I saw one couple who had cycled to Bellahouston Park and looked like they were getting their money's worth out of it.

C Gentles Govan