Begging action

GLASGOW city council and statutory agencies talk how complex begging and homelessness issues are.

What are they doing to keep the 25 people from begging along Sauchiehall street I observed on a lovely Sunday afternoon?

The empty door shops are used are left with litter, human excrement, drug paraphernalia and empty sleeping bags.


Name and address supplied, via email

Lady Alba return

I was amused to hear one of the murals at the archway leading to Sloan's Bar described in the Evening Times as a "blue-haired, feisty busker". Many people in Glasgow will know this young lady as "Lady Alba", who performed a version of Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance" during the independence referendum campaign.

Her video version of the song on YouTube (150,656 hits at present - search for Lady Alba) was extremely popular and was performed at many venues in the lead up to the vote.

Let's hope she will be resurrected once independence is once again on the table.

Yours faithfully,

Fiona Gladman, via email

Name and shame

With regards to the story about 34 firms linked to organised crime (Evening Times, August 22), my question is, why don't the police name and shame at least one of them? Whichever is most prominent. There could be a couple of results: the firm would have to deny and sue the police or shut shop.

A civil case can be just as effective and its not a case of proof beyond reasonable doubt its a case of probability that they are into organise crime.

Johnny Mack, via web

Doon the Water

Why is the river Clyde not utilised as a transport connection ? The river screams out for river buses. Operating from Helensburgh,Greenock, Port Glasgow, Bowling, Braehead, Partick and right into Glasgow city centre.

Not only it would be a quicker mod of transport, rather than driving on congested roads into the city, but it would be a very pleasant way to get to and from work.

Mac, Duntocher, via email

Stop Moning

Re the story about Michelle Mone reacting to online abuse (Evening Times online, August 22), this woman makes many assumptions without any proof.

[Saying] 'do one', is that the best the public can expect for their £300 a day paid to this woman in expenses from the House of Lords? Nothing intelligent to say?

Perhaps people in general are severely unimpressed with her voting to cut tax credits from hard working families while boasting about her glamorous lifestyle generated from flashing her underwear and meeting rich men, while they struggle to pay the bills after a hard day at work? Nothing to do with jealousy, as she was hoping to portray to her followers and delude herself with, but a reasoned summary of the situation.

Carol Daly, via web