Visiting hours

I was very glad to see that relatives who care for their loved ones with dementia will be allowed to stay with them overnight in hospital, a time when many older people become restless and afraid.

I do not agree, however, with the "open visiting" and worse that it is being extended from 11 am to 8.30pm. I understand that open visiting is to help those who are at work to be able to see loved ones.

The problem is some families see this as being an open invitation to fill up the entire nine hours with a non stop stream of visitors all talking loudly and crowded round the beds. This means that other patients cannot get a minute's peace never mind sleep and have to listen to everyone else's chat .

This is at its worst in a small ward with only a curtain separating the beds. When I was in hospital I was glad to get home and get some peace and quiet. Also, visitors should have some consideration for the privacy and dignity of patients.

I was in a women's ward and found it deeply upsetting and embarrassing to be gawped at by male visitors when I went to and fro to the shower and to the toilet .

Visitors should realise that other patients are not a peep show.

Dorothy Connor, Rutherglen

Streets need trees

I read the article about objections that it would be an accident waiting to happen if Sauchiehall street was tree lined with a cycle track.

I have to ask the objectors - what about Union Street with all the buses expelling all the poisonous exhaust fumes into people's lungs?

Most civilised countries tree line their streets not just for aesthetic looks but because it helps to reduce carbon monoxide poison and dioxide gasses, which are very harmful to human beings.

Trees expel oxygen into the air and create a healthier environment.

Why are our councillors not doing something about it?

Martin Groundland, by email

St Enoch shops

They should include which retailers are opening these flagship stores in any planning applications, regarding the St Enoch Centre development.

There's no point having three stores built with no plans for any tenants going in.

What if no retailer wishes to take them up by 2019?

It doesn't make sense to any retailer to spend money having a flagship concept in Glasgow city centre.

Buchanan Galleries are extending as is Silverburn.

I know where I would choose if I was a big retailer.

Ahmed Ali, posted online