Boy racers

I can’t see why they can’t take their daft wee cars somewhere out of the way where they can drool over each others’ to their hearts’ content.

Nobody else is interested in shopping carts with faulty exhausts that look like they crashed through Halfords clearance bin.

In their minds they are driving Ferraris and Lambos instead of Corsas and Clios.

They drive like Carlos Fandango, slowing to a crawl and then revving away to make more noise every time they see a woman.

They should grow up and leave this nonsense behind.

Iain Mckenzie, posted online

St Enoch upgrade

I was really pleased to read about the changes to the St Enoch Centre and Argyle Street that will happen if planning permission is granted.

That stretch of the street is quite dismal and has been worse since BHS closed.

Hopefully the council's planning committee will do the right thing and grand permission for the demolition to take place.

Next step - Sauchiehall Street.

I know it has been said in these Letters pages before but the street is really grim and dismal.

I don't know what kind of impression it must give to tourists.

Change can't come soon enough.

Graeme Williams, by email

Hanging series

Your series by reporter Stacey Mullen on the history of hangings in Glasgow has been a fascinating read.

It seems like the dim and distant past that captial punishment was happening in Scotland but, actually, it's fairly recent.

Thank goodness we are now in more enlightened times.

It is interesting to think of how far we have progressed in the treatment of people convicted of crimes.

There's more still to be done, however.

But well done to Ms Mullen for her good work.

Andrew Young, Mount Vernon

Sex trafficking

I was horrified to read of the numbers of young men and women at risk of sex trafficking coming in to Glasgow Airport.

Of course, it is naive to think this doesn't happen everywhere.

But to know that it is happening in your own city is awful.

Not all trafficking is for sex though.

People should think about where they get their nails done and who is cleaning their car.

If we are to stop this heinous crime then everyone in the city is responsible for using their eyes and ears to help.

Carol Smith, by email