Landlord move

The news that nine Govanhill landlords have been struck off the Landlord Register is decades too late.

These unscrupulous landlords have ripped the heart out of the community so they deserve all they get.

But you can bet they will rent out their flats anyway to cash payers.

Jack Arthur, posted online

Not enough

It is, of course, good news that rogue landlords in Govanhill have had their right to let properties removed.

I would like to know how closely they are watched after being removed from the Landlord Register however.

It is common knowledge that some landlords put their properties into their relatives' names in order to continue with their bad practices.

How is this policed, if at all?

I hope there is a follow up from the Evening Times to find out whether the threats of fines and jail time are followed through.

Andrew Mullen, Strathbungo

No surprise

That stretch of road where a bus and taxi collided yesterday was bad enough with taxis parked.

Now that half the road has been closed off due to the revamp of Queen Street Station it's an absolute nightmare.

This accident was inevitable.

Jan Walker, posted on Facebook

Lovely story

In among all the depressing stories we've had recently, I was so pleased to read the fascinating story of Sid Worall and learn about how he survived the sinking of the TSS Athenia.

What really affected me was the actions of Gerald “Gerry” Middleton Hutchinson.

He made a promise to Sid to look after his watch and he kept that promise for his whole life.

That kind of moral core is something no one can put money on.

Martin Mackenzie, by email

Enough food

I see that Yo Susi is expanding in Glasgow.

I don't understand why people get so excited about new food places opening up around the city.

We are too fat and many of our citizens are living in poverty.

Who enjoys these news stories?

Well off people with disposable incomes.

Good for them. Not for me.

Kathleen Smith, by email