Cohesion needed

WHAT are these Arms lengths enterprise organisations doing (aleos)?

You have one who issues fines for litter, cleaning graffiti, enlisting volunteers to clean the city and for looking after the cctv.

Would it not be better if all these functions were sitting underneath the cleansing department?

It would avoid duplication of work and would allow one organisation to take control of cleaning the city.

Name and address supplied

Drunk should have been charged

READING about the man who scaled a cherry picker in Royal Exchange Square (Evening Times December 5), am I the only one who is getting fed up seeing p*shed Glaswegians spilling out of clubs and making a prat of themselves in front of the world?

This guy should have been charged by the police.

Edward Stewart, posted online

Crossed a line

IN relation to the cherry picker man, everybody's entitled to have a good time but when it needs the emergency services to attend then you've crossed a line.

They're needed for far more serious things.

Jim Jones, posted online

War on mice

READING the mice infestation in Finnieston, I live in a rural area and have been at war with mice invading my car and destroying the wire insulation.

My defence was glue boards, snap traps, ultrasounds, poisons, repellent spray onto wires.

I used a Walk the plank Trap where they go to bait at the end of the plank and are tipped into a bucket.

Over the last four days there has been no sign of activity.

Perhaps the housing association should try this?

Henry Gallacher, posted online

Sad day

IT'S a sad day when a legend like John McGovern him has to sell off his treasured medals to pay for Christmas (Evening Times December 4).

Footballers these days don’t know they are living and get paid more a week than most get in a year .

They will never play or win that European cup not once, let alone twice.

I hope he gets what he wants for them but it's sad.

Nottingham Forest should buy the medals.

Jack Arthur, posted online