McAllister attack

WITH regards the attack on Rangers assistant manager Gary McAllister.

I hope Gary isn’t too badly hurt and gets better soon, plus his assailant is caught and jailed.

Martin Neilson, posted online

City centre car park deal

PITY the ‘poor punters’ who have to work in the anti-car city centre.

Shame on Glasgow City Council.

(Glasgow City Council sells Ingram Street car park in £3.5m move, Monday).

Brizo Macd, posted online

P1 school pupil testing

WHY don’t they listen to the other parties that want P1 testing?

You should know by now that the SNP doesn’t listen to other folks’ opinions (Glasgow councillor expects ‘fire and fury’ over block of primary 1 testing motion, Wednesday).

Betty McCormick, posted online

Parking charges

I CAN’T believe how expensive it is to park in the city centre now-a-days.

No wonder people are flocking to out-of-town shopping centres like Braehead and Silverburn.

There really is no point attempting to park in the city centre – particularly with the poor choice of shops now available and the cost of parking.

WM, via email

Holiday rip-offs

IT’s a joke how parents are ripped off by travel companies during school holidays.

The increase in prices to fly out from Glasgow during easter or summer breaks is a disgrace.

Name and address supplied