New fast-food branch

WITH regards to the story in Wednesday’s Evening Times about people up in arms because they are building a McDonald’s next to Asda Toryglen and a secondary school.

You should see the rubbish the kids buy from Asda – and parents are worried about a McDonald’s!

David McCallum, via email

MPs’ expenses

BEFORE any irate,or embarrassed MPs write to challenge Richard Low’s excellent letter on MPs expenses (Evening Times, Wednesday) I would add that I wrote to the First Minister to ask why MPs were allowed to purchase iPhones and iPads for themselves when cheaper models were available and perfectly acceptable for the job.

Surely there should be budget figures in place for MPs expenditure or better still, a “national” agreement with suppliers for special bulk purchases including hotels .

I “negotiated” group deals for 20 years and “saved” millions of pounds. It seems MPs think that taxpayers money is unlimited.

FMK, East Kilbride

Action against racism

FULL marks to FIFA for saying it will take immediate action against Montenegro for the racist abuse levelled at black English players in the recent match between the two countries. Even the Prime Minister weighed in with condemnation.

Compare this to the pathetic lack of action in this country by the SFA and politicians after the sectarian and violent incidents in recent months.

People should have realised they were doing what they do best in this country; keeping their heads down and preserving the old boys network and doing absolutely nothing positive.

MA , Glasgow

Deportation terror

I FEEL so sorry for the family featured in the Evening Times (Thursday) who are facing deportation. Surely something can be done to help this family.

Name and address supplied