Needle exchanges

Who on earth decided it was a good

idea to close two needle exchanges in Glasgow?

There is now an outbreak of HIV (up from one per cent to 10 per cent) and this has alarm bells ringing at the thought of such an upsurge in this disease once again as desperate people take to using discarded needles.

The authorities should stop playing Russian roulette with people’s lives

and get these units up and running


MA, Glasgow

Development plan fears

Locals are right to be concerned about development on the site of the old mine workings north of Corselet Road (Evening Times, Wednesday).

These were part of the Victoria mine, where in 1851, some 61 men lost there lives in a massive underground explosion. Although the blast was some distance away (the mine covered some 800 acres), who knows what damage was done beneath Corselet Road.

James Walmsley, via email

Wheelchair loan service

I NOTICE the article in Tuesday’s

Evening Times regarding children not

being able to get a wheelchair on a short term loan.

The Orthotic Department at RHC in Glasgow has been running a short-term wheelchair loan service for 10 years and sees over 200 patients a year.

Ian Adam, via email