READERS had lots of views regarding our story online earlier this week that Theresa May had already decided to block a second independence referendum if Nicola Sturgeon pushed for a fresh vote on Scotland’s future.

May will sort it out fast

Theresa May willl sort this one faster than she’s sorted Brexit just because it’s Scotland.

L Cunningham, posted online

Cards on the table

The Prime Minister has constantly put her cards firmly on the table, and has constantly told Nicola Sturgeon over and over again ­– no more votes.

Nav R, posted online

Not her decision

It won’t be up to her. The way things are going Theresa May is not going to be telling anybody anything, by this time next week.

Jane Smith, posted online

Focus on the job

Good, just a shame she can’t make Nicola focus on doing the job she gets very, very, very well paid to do.

Moonk Master, posted online

No right to say no

Theresa May’s party did not get the largest vote share in Scotland. The Tory party has not been given a mandate to govern Scotland by the people of Scotland. She has no right to refuse.

Alice Queen, posted online

Waste of money

The money that gets wasted just to find out a minority doesn’t agree and then demands another one – let’s re-run the Grand national until my horse wins, let’s replay the football match until it ends 12-12.

George Walker, posted online