No regard for vote result

Listening to the Lib Dems, Labour and the SNP, one thing is for certain, we have three parties who are completely ignoring the referendum result and who are doing everything they possibly can to delay, frustrate and ultimately stop Brexit.

They have absolutely no regard for the referendum result and for the 17.4 million people who as a majority, voted to leave the EU.

We do of course recognise, as with any divorce, leaving the EU was never going to be straightforward.

However, people voted to leave the EU because they wanted change, they wanted to break free from the shackles of Brussels, to keep the money in the UK and to make and govern our own laws.

The remainers have said that leaving the EU would be a disaster, like jumping off the edge of a cliff and that we are all going to lose our jobs, have no access to medication or skilled staff.

I think the complete opposite to be the case and believe in our great country, the United Kingdom, being able to survive very well on its own, free from the clutches of the EU.

Quite frankly, the UK must leave the EU and the remainers, who lets not forget lost the referendum, must accept defeat and let Democracy prevail.

Jason Findlay, via email

Can’t supply two hospitals

So the SNP wants a re-run for Independence yet it is incapable of supplying two new hospitals. How would the party run the whole of Scotland?

LJT, Glasgow

Blame construction firm

With regards to the hospital probe, why are they blaming the government?

Should they not be blaming the construction company and the architects who designed it.

It seems that no-one has been

overseeing the construction or checked everything was up to standard before it was opened.

Robert Cadden, via email