Protecting parkland

You are right about the damage to park land left behind by events (September 17). Parts of Rouken Glen park on the south side have been damaged, and looks like it could be quite a while before it is restored.

Tricky situation, people want the events, but not messed up green space, and with parks department staff working hard enough as it is, (I used to work there myself), I can understand the cost, and man hours to do repair work, is an issue for councils.

As a trained groundsman/green keeper myself, I feel that the best way to tackle this problem would be to protect the turf as best you can before the event, preventing maybe not all the damage, but hopefully lessening it. This could be done by increased cushioning under walkways for pedestrians and tracks for service vehicles, under the stage platform, fence stands and any other heavy structures.

This could in practice done by using shredded bark, waste newspaper, cardboard or other readily available bio-friendly, easily disposed-of material.

I know it would have to be looked at technically, but might be a help. How wet the parkland is is also a factor, but that’s down to adequate drainage, and whether or not the Scottish weather wants to put on a good performance as well!

Nigel Connor, Glasgow

Hospital blame game

Why on earth is time being wasted on a public inquiry into the construction problems of the QEUH?

Surely the blame lies solely at the door of the architects who designed the hospital?

The builders, I presume, follow the architects’ plans, so again this points to the failure and ineptitude of the architects concerned!

In my opinion you can’t lay the blame for this on the Scottish Government – but many would like to.

A Smart, Milton of Campsie

Reporter ban fury

Just who do Glasgow councillors think they are?

It would appear they think they are the mafia –how dare they ban the Evening Times reporter (September 19), what are they scared of and more importantly what are they hiding?

Time this shower were shown the door.

L J T (Enraged Glasgow Ratepayer)