Our cleansing crisis

Last week we wrote to Councillor Anna Richardson, convener of Environment, Sustainability and Carbon Reduction, asking for a meeting with herself, the local cleansing managers and local councillors in the area regarding the cleansing crisis in the area. While we did receive a receipt of the letter, we have had absolutely no response.

We first wrote to Glasgow City Council in very clear terms about this situation back on September 3, 2018, after a large public meeting on cleansing. The response we got then was a neighbourhood manager for the area. The person in this post was changed several times until the post disappeared and we were left with a cleansing action plan that has made little to no difference.

Over the past year, we have been continually frustrated by Glasgow City Council’s lack of meaningful action. For too long the community has been left with domestic, commercial and bulk waste lying in our streets, bins overflowing, while infestations of mice, cockroaches and bedbugs terrify people in their homes. And when people try to report this to the council, they end up stuck in a call queue.

We keep getting advised that the council is bringing in new technologies and systems to improve the service, but so far, we are only seeing the service continue to decline.

We call on the City Councillors to meet with the community and resolve this crisis.

Cheryl McCormick, Crosshill and Govanhill Community Council

We don’t need bin

I recently returned home to find a very large bin placed directly outside my neighbour’s house which indicated it was for litter and dog waste. We never requested it, we don’t need it, in fact I pick up any litter which is lying, which is seldom as it is in a quiet residential street. This bin would be better located in a busy thoroughfare, or in the city centre, or outside a shopping area, or park. Needless to say its causing further problems as people are now flytipping next to it. I have asked for it to be relocated and await the Council’s response.

Bill Love, Mosspark