It’s a no, Nicola

What part in NO does the SNP not understand? Will they keep on throwing their toys out of the pram until they get their way? On the other hand, if there is a yes vote, do we then have another vote to overturn that vote?

They have half-inched the song Flower Of Scotland for their anthem.

May I suggest they should adopt Never Ending Story? Every time Miss Sturgeon makes a speech, we all know beforehand what it is going to be, we can nearly tell verbatim.

Get on with running the country Nicola not ruining it.

S McP, via email

Truth on care payments

NICOLA Sturgeon’s pledge is not worth the paper it’s written on. At present she tells people that personal care is free in Scotland. Reality is very different.

People go through a long wait to be assessed and when this is complete and payment is granted, you are put back on a waiting list for the actual money to be paid out.

There is no back payment and many people day before they are the beneficiaries of this ‘great’ free personal care. How many people are taken in with thee promises?

Get on with the day to day running of Scotland and get off your independence bandwagon.

I Rafferty, Glasgow

Fireworks foolishness

What a load of palava (Firework thugs rounded up, Evening Times, October 18)!

If these clowns are chucking fireworks at people, tazer them! Taking them for a cup of tea and a blether on how to use the things would be laughable if it wasn’t such a serious problem. Who’s the biggest idiots here?

Rae M, posted online

Dangers everywhere

The police have no business poking their unwanted noses in to private law-abiding citizens’ choice of using fireworks. Fireworks are dangerous in the wrong hands but DIY tools and machinery and readily available kitchen utensils account for thousands of fatal accidents and ‘maimings’ every year. Are they next on the radar? I think not.

Douglas Wesley Calbert, posted online