Time for a clean-up

In my opinion I would prefer to cleanse Glasgow before we start on George Square.

The South Side is a dump, which no-one sees –best to clean it up before decorating anywhere else.


The closure of Watt Brothers sparked many comments online. Here’s a selection of them...

Poor store workers

Spare a thought for the low paid staff that are going to have to wait weeks for Universal Credit.

Shoppers getting a bargain is not important, when fellow Glaswegians are going to be struggling to live.

Carol Daly, posted online

Glasgow Times:

Rush for a bargain

Where have all these mad shoppers who queued up at the weekend been hiding?

If they shopped at the store regularly then they might have saved the poor staff who are losing their jobs.

You really need to be a desperado to queue for hours outside a store to seek a few pence off an item. I’m glad they got nothing.

Ryan Bowman, posted online

Sympathy for staff

As no “Closing Down Sale” was official advertised, this was sheer greed and opportunism by the ‘bargain-hunting’ mob!

I pity the poor, beleaguered staff being faced with that desperate lot, whilst contemplating their own uncertain future prospects!

Andrew Stephen, posted online

Closure is a shock

I WAS in Watt Bros in March to buy an alarm clock. I happened to ask a staff member then, if the store was closing down as they didn’t have a lot of inventory.

Of course she said no. It really is a shame to read about this, I hope that lady and her colleagues find new jobs soon.

David Boyce, posted online