Ruth Davidson row

At least Ruth Davidson is earning that extra money and not claiming it off the taxpayer with extravagant expenses (Stewart Paterson column, Friday).

She has stepped down as leader as I’m sure being the leader of any of the parties in the tin pot parliament is over bearing and under paid for the amount of hours she would have had to put in.

Plenty of people cut back their hours after having a child. Being smart with your hours and making the most money from them is admirable. Time is money after all and there is plenty of people who shall waste your time for very little in return.

I’m sure if she is doing something illegal then we would all know about it, or if she isn’t doing her job properly. But I have never heard a complaint from her constituency, certainly not the kind I hear about Nicola Sturgeon from her constituency.

S M, posted online

Minimum hourly rate

The old chestnut of “ I’m doing nothing wrong” is always used when it comes to the greedy politicians, the system needs overhauled.

If £60,000 odds per annum is not enough for you then do not enter politics.

Let’s bring in attendance or hourly rates, minimum hours worked or some other form... but they will still find ways to abuse it.

Jay Robertson, posted online

New flats plan

Car ownership in Glasgow is under 50%, and significantly lower than that in the East End (Dennistoun development gets green light, Evening Times, Thursday).

Further, these flats are spitting distance from a train station and easy walking distance to Dennistoun.

What this parking provision definitely achieves is to increase the build cost of the flats with non-car owning future residents subsidising the car-owning ones in meeting the cost. Perverse!

Charlie Duran, posted online