REQUISITIONER Scott Murdoch believes Mike Ashley is fighting tooth and nail for power at Rangers to protect the most lucrative contract of his career.

But he believes the Sports Direct tycoon and Newcastle United owner has made a serious error of judgment trying to gain security over Ibrox.

And he admits he has no idea why James and Sandy Easdale are still clinging to power after the personal abuse they have been subjected to by Gers fans.

He said: "Apparently Ashley has stated the retail contracts he negotiated with Rangers when Charles Green was in charge are the most lucrative of his entire career.

He wants to protect them as best he can. He is a man who doesn't like to lose a battle.

"But he doesn't know what he's let himself in for by looking for Ibrox as security.

"He has ostracised those fans who still backed him. They are repulsed by this move.

"He's misjudged the strong feelings among the Rangers supporters on this matter and has failed to appreciate the consequences of his actions."

Murdoch added: "I ask myself why the Easdales want to be involved at Rangers every single day.

"I don't think it's as simple as wanting to sit in the directors' box.

"I think they soak up the PR - even though it is mostly negative against them. It's horrible and most other human beings would run a mile. But I think they enjoy it in a weird way.

"Maybe they also have obligations to Margarita and Blue Pitch (whose proxies Sandy Easdale holds) and have been told to stay in there. I have no idea. Maybe they just want a fight."