THE Glasgow Warriors players provided the inspiration on the field, but it was the fans who raised the roof at the Kingspan Stadium to roar home their heroes.

And the way they turned the Belfast ground into a Glasgow outpost did not go unnoticed by the players.

"We have more fans travelling to away games now than we had at home games when I started playing at the club, which is incredible," said captain marvel Al Kellock, who was playing his final game for the club.

"There were so many faces I have seen throughout the years. Incredible numbers and incredible noise. Glasgow is not really a quiet city. To bring over four or 5000 and have the noise they made was brilliant.

"I saw guys in the stands from Alan Glens, guys who have followed my career - and I'm so grateful for that too.

"They call themselves the black Warriors, with silly helmets. Those things are special. That's part of who we are.

"I'm incredibly grateful that people have spent hard earned money to come and support us."

The fact was that from the dramatic wall of noise that greeted the players as they arrive on the to the ecstatic cheer that greeted the cup presentation, it was the Glasgow fans who were making the din when it mattered.

It was a dream swansong for Kellock, who completed the perfect to his Warriors career.

He said: "The chance to say goodbye to an incredible group of fans and an incredible club and with my family as well meant a huge amount to me. Six or eight weeks ago at the time of the Cardiff game I didn't know if I would ever pull on a Glasgow jersey again. I am so grateful I had the opportunity to play in this game.

"There will be plenty of time for reflection, but we are just enjoying something that is incredibly special for every single player who has taken the field this year - 52 of them I think - and everyone who is connected to this fantastic club," he finished.