THE big concern I had before the St Johnstone game was how we would cope defensively against better quality opposition.

Unfortunately, Rangers weren’t good enough at the back and there is now a lot of focus on the partnership between Danny Wilson and Rob Kiernan.

I have said before that we have lost some daft goals through the two centre backs and they are not playing all that well. If you have someone with a bit of pace, you can cause them problems and Michael O’Halloran certainly did that.

Tommy Wright did his homework and knew that the central pairing are not the quickest in the world and the third goal proved that.

If you remember back to the Queen of the South game, we lost a goal late on through a punt through the middle.

There is a problem there. But Mark will know that, people don’t have to tell him.

If you are losing great goals, sometimes you have to just give credit to the opposition. But Rangers are losing poor goals and they are all avoidable.

O’Halloran got into the box too easily for the first goal, there was nobody within 15 yards of Simon Lappin, who hit a magnificent shot you have to say, from the corner. Who was marking him? Who was on the edge of the box? It was poor.

And the third one highlighted a big problem as O’Halloran collected a simple long ball and outpaced Wilson and Kiernan and finished well. It was game over at that stage.

Basic mistakes are costing Rangers goals. They have not been solid enough and that has to change going forward.

They have got a couple of clean sheets this season but teams haven’t had to work hard for the goals they have scored against us.

All of the goals should have been dealt with better and, when you play against better sides, you will get punished for making the kind of mistakes we are at the moment.