RANGERS supporters have been asked to vote on merging their numerous fan groups into one organisation capable of buying a significant block of shares and forcing out unwanted investors holding onto interests in the club.

Emails were sent out on Thursday afternoon by the Rangers Fan Board, a club-supported committee briefly banned by the previous regime after releasing the minutes of a contentious meeting, to request feedback on a proposal geared towards forming the new collective body.

Rangers First and the Rangers Supporters' Trust currently hold around five per cent of stock. They will join together under the scheme with the hope being that a structure can be created to bring the likes of the Rangers Supporters Association, Rangers Assembly and Rangers Fighting Fund all under one umbrella.

The new organisation will be independent of Rangers and will appoint a board of directors responsible for purchasing shares and generating income for the club and possessing expertise in public relations, marketing, finance, administration and law.

Supporters have until 5pm on Monday, October 26, to make their thoughts known on the idea outlined.

"Rangers First and Rangers Supporters Trust currently own over 5% of the shares in Rangers International Football Club PLC (RIFC)," read a statement.

"Growing this shareholding is vital to the Rangers support to ensure that the club never again suffers as it has over the last few years.

"There have been many shareholders in RIFC in recent years for whom the club's interests do not come first. Rangers supporters will ensure that the Club's interest and its success is always paramount.

"To achieve this aim, it will be necessary to remove shareholders who do not share the same vision. Rangers supporters can also use the shares they have acquired to back those with the club's best interests at heart.

"Once this has been achieved, funds can be used to invest in the development of young players, to protect Ibrox, to recognise our history in an archive/museum and to develop our stadium."

The document sent to supporters has also offered suggestions on how sharebuying will work in future.

"Rangers First 2014 CIC (Community Interest Company) will become the shareholding vehicle for the new group," it reads. "Existing shareholdings will be consolidated into this vehicle and it will become the vehicle for share purchases for the ISDX listing and going forward.

"Existing Rangers First contributors will continue to donate to this vehicle until after the ISDX listing and other supporters group members will be encouraged to become contributors to or transfer shares to the CIC.

"The RST will proxy its shareholding votes to the CIC whilst consideration is given to a more permanent solution. All

members of the RST's Buy Rangers scheme will be asked to transfer their shareholding to this vehicle.

"The community interest company owned by the RST will be used to collect donations being made by members for non-share buying purposes including protecting Ibrox.

"Every Rangers Supporter will be welcomed as

a member of the new group and the members and contributors to Rangers Supporters Trust and Rangers First will also become members

"We would also want to create a structure to recognise the contribution of the Rangers Supporters Association and its member clubs as well as overseas supporters.

"Further consideration needs to be given to the mechanics of how this is set up and the transitional arrangements which will be required.

"We want a clear voice for Rangers supporters going forward and to ensure it is heard and delivered to the club's maximum advantage."