IT took Mark Warburton less than 420 characters to confirm his commitment to the cause and ease the nerves of Rangers supporters on Wednesday night. He only needed a couple of minutes to put his players’ minds at ease on Thursday morning.

The Light Blues boss has found himself at the centre of a speculation storm in recent days as he has been linked with the vacant position at Championship side Fulham.

It is not the first time he has been touted for a move away from Ibrox this season, and it probably won’t be the last. If his side keep winning, the stories will keep emerging.

After distancing himself from Craven Cottage before and after the 4-0 win over Dumbarton on Tuesday evening, Warburton used his official Twitter account to confirm he will not be making a quick fire return to London just 24 hours later.

It was a move that was welcomed by worried supporters and his message to his players was similarly emphatic when he addressed them at Murray Park yesterday.

Many signed on with the Gers in the summer to be part of a Rangers revolution under Warburton and the 53-year-old was determined to hammer home his desire to remain at Ibrox.

“If you look at the team, David (Weir) and I brought in a number of the squad - eleven of them came in early - and part of our environment here is to get them to commit to what we are doing,” Warburton said.

“We are asking them to buy into new ideas, into a new training regime, into discipline in the gym work and nutrition. We’re asking them to buy into it and to commit to what we are doing.

“And they have been outstanding. Their commitment has been first class - I can’t speak highly enough of them.

“For them then to then hear, five or six months in, all this speculation isn’t great. I’m not saying it will unsettle them because they are too strong characters for that.

“But they are young guys and they want to know what’s going on. They want clarity and I’ve been trying to give them clarity over the last two of weeks.

“Again this morning, David and I put it to bed straight away and they were happy with that.

“We spoke to the players and told them the truth because they read the same stuff that other people have to unfortunately read.”

The message from Warburton was loud and clear, but it is one he may have to repeat sooner rather than later.

His stock is still high in England following his success with Brentford and his impressive start to life in Light Blue has attracted admiring glances from south of the border.

There is a fear amongst fans, and a perception amongst some others, that the money on offer and the chance to return closer to his family would prove too great a lure for the Londoner to reject.

But Warburton remains focused on the job in hand and satisfied with the decision he made in the summer to join Rangers. It is the pursuit of success, the chance to leave a legacy at Ibrox that continues to drive him.

He said: "As I've said before it's always flattering. But let's be really clear, if it's about money you don't come north.

“And I don't mean that in a derogatory fashion, far from it. But the fact is the financial climate, as we all know, is healthier down south. So it's not about that.

“I've made the move here. My family know that this decision to come to Rangers was a big decision. My family are down south, I haven't seen them for four or five weeks or more.

“So I'm not going to turn tail after five months and say I didn't know what to expect. A lot of thought went into my decision.

“It's a big club, a great opportunity and a fantastic challenge. A lot of thought went into my decision.

"I'm driven to this challenge here. It's easy to say we know where Rangers have to get to.

“The history here, the expectations we speak about, Rangers need to be at the top of Scottish football.

“That's the challenge we all speak about and there are a lot of clubs, quite naturally, trying to stop us doing that.

“Our job is do everything we can to achieve those ambitions. If we do it, then fantastic."

If Warburton can continue to make progress towards reaching his goals, the chances are he will find his name in the running for more managerial positions in the coming months. His job at Ibrox is far from complete, though.

The Championship crown is only his first objective, with the chance to experience top flight title wins, cup final successes and European football all possible should he hang around long enough.

Warburton said: “The board know exactly where I am at. Again, I can't do anything other than what I've done and come out and quite clearly said this is my situation.

“I've committed to the club and I am very thankful to be here. I can't do any more.

"Rangers is huge. It's a huge club with a huge history and we have got a significant challenge ahead of us, but we know what it is.

“We've made good progress in six months and we need to make sure we maintain that progress.

“Our targets this season are very clear and then once we have achieved them, we will have a very active May, June, July period to prepare the squad for the next challenge at the next level."