RICHARD GOUGH has vowed to help guide supporters through an ‘exciting phase’ in Rangers’ history after being nominated to the board of fan ownership organisation Rangers First.

The former Ibrox captain topped a poll of RF members this week as he took his place on the seven person top table alongside Ricki Neill, James Blair, Brian Donohoe, Greg Marshall, Kelly Johnstone and Peter Ewart.

Rangers First held their Annual General Meeting in Glasgow on Thursday night as supporters were given a chance to meet the newly elected board and pose a range of questions about events in recent months and the future of the group.

Talks are ongoing between several fan organisations, including RF and the Rangers Supporters Trust, about a new setup that would see fans work closely together going forward.

The proposed structure was the main topic of debate amongst members last night, as well as what the future holds for RF, who have a 3.52% stake in RIFC plc and are the largest fan ownership group in the UK, as they look to build on their success to date.

Gough is currently in Australia at a gathering of the Oceania Rangers Supporters Association but his message of appreciation was delivered by Blair to the audience as he looks forward to his time in office.

He said: "I am delighted to have been elected as a director of Rangers First. It is an honour and I will do everything I possibly can to look after the best interests of the thousands who are members of Rangers First.

"This group has come a long way in a short period of time and we must make sure the correct decisions are made to secure a positive future.

"However, first and foremost we are all Rangers fans and we should seek to work together as much as possible and to do what we all believe is right for the club.

"Rangers fans have always given me tremendous support and I hope now to provide the kind of backing they deserve as our club enters an exciting phase in its history.

"We have already seen Rangers fans come together to effect change and we must now look to use that combined strength to meet the challenges ahead.

"My view is that rather than think of ourselves as individuals we should try to speak with that authority of as large a group as possible so that Rangers fans can actually influence the way in which the club is run as well as protect and preserve it for the generations to come.

"Again, let me express my delight and my gratitude at having been elected by Rangers people. Rangers First, indeed all Rangers fans can be certain I will always strive to do my best for them."