Former Hoops boss Ronny Deila will turn double agent as he gives the lowdown on Rosenborg to Celtic – and Celtic to Rosenborg.

Brendan Rodgers said that he would be keen to utilise Deila’s inside knowledge ahead of Celtic’s third round UEFA Champions League qualifier against Norwegian champions Rosenborg, and Deila is up for taking the call.

However, the Valerenga manager has also insisted that he owes his fellow countrymen the same respect, although he was at pains to insist that he will ultimately have little bearing on who comes out on top of the tie to progress to the play-off stage of the qualification process.

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Glasgow Times: Ronny Deila will help out Celtic - and Rosenborg

Deila will be torn in two directions as he hopes for the best for Norwegian football will maintaining the affection he holds for his former club.

“Yes, of course. It would be no problem for me,” said Deila. “I would gladly given the club information on Rosenborg. Although, it works both ways – I am sure that Rosenborg might ask me for some information on Celtic too so I might be working two tickets! I am happy to help both of them and this is a game that won’t be won on what I tell either club, it will be decided by how plays well over the course of two games.

“It is a very interesting tie, especially for me. It is a hard question too, who I would support. I am a proud Norwegian and I want to see Norwegian football represented at the highest possible level and it would be fantastic for the profile of our game to have a club in the Champions League. However, I am also a Celtic fan too and I would love to see them get back into the Champions League. For the club as a whole, for the support and all the players, I loved seeing them in the competition last season so I am pulled two ways. I know what it would mean for Norwegian football to have one of our teams do well in Europe, so the only thing I can say is that if anyone is to put them out then I hope it is Celtic but it is a hard one for me.

Read more: Don't underestimate Rosenborg on home soil, warns former Celtic manager Ronny Deila

“I think that Scottish football and Norwegian football are at a very similar level. Celtic are far and away the best team in Scotland and Rosenborg are the strongest team in Norway, so it will be interesting to see who comes out on top. For me, if I was looking closely at the strengths of both teams I would say that Celtic are probably the better team overall but I would never write Rosenborg off – especially at home where they can be very dangerous.

“They also have nothing to lose. They will know that they are big underdogs and there is a little bit of freedom in that. They can go out and give it their best shot, knowing that it is a big chance for them to get to the Champions League.”