Shotts boxer Scott Allan has told of how the impending birth of his daughter is the only thing cheering him up after his much-anticipated rematch with Glasgow fighter Kash Farooq was cancelled.

Headliner Ryan Brawley, the former Prizefighter winner, pulled out of his bout against Willie Limond, with the organiser subsequently cancelling the entire event which was due to take place next Friday at the Paisley Lagoon Centre.

Allan was determined to avenge his earlier defeat to Farooq, which he admitted he hadn’t prepared properly for, and had been throwing everything into his training camp for the fight.

That includes a significant sum of money which he will now lose out on, and he couldn’t hide his disappointment when he spoke to Sport Times yesterday.

“To say I am gutted is a huge understatement,” Allan said.

“I put my heart and soul into my preparation, everything from my training to my diet was impeccable.

“My sparring has been flawless, and I was ready to go in there and show the real Scott Allan this time. I have no doubt in my mind that I was 100% ready to win this fight.

“Now, I’m not only left with the disappointment of not being able to avenge the defeat, but I’m out of pocket a fair bit as well. Who pays for that?

“The only thing keeping my spirits up is the arrival of my daughter, who was actually due on Saturday there.

“She was the one motivating me to get out of my bed every morning and do those extra sessions to get myself in the best possible shape for this fight. I’m so gutted.

“She could come at any minute though, and that is something good and positive to focus on.”

Allan is hoping to get the rematch back on track before the end of the year, with a fight night in November being mooted already.

And he has vowed to prepare just as thoroughly as he has been these last months when the chance finally does present itself to take on Farooq once again.

“I would fight him any time, any place,” he said. “I’m ready to go this weekend if he wanted to.

“I am in peak condition and that is why it is hugely frustrating to do everything right and put so much effort in, and then not be allowed to carry out the part that I was working towards.

“Whenever we do eventually get into the ring though, I’ll be sure to be in just as good condition as I am right now.

“I obviously want to settle a score after the last fight, but my daughter being here is all the motivation I need anyway.”