I hope Kenny Miller still has a future under Pedro Caixinha and has a part to play for Rangers this season.

He was the best player for us last season and he can be an inspiration to get everybody going in the dressing room and on the park.

We don’t know the reason why he was punished, that is what it was basically, and sent down to Brentford to play for the Under-20s.

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Was it something that Kenny has said to the manager in the team meeting? Has it been his form throughout the season? We don’t know.

But the longer this goes on, the more it is going to be talked about and the more the fans are thinking ‘what is going on at the club?’

They have got between now and the St Johnstone game a week tomorrow to sort out the situation between the manager and Kenny. They need to sit down, talk it through and decide what is going to happen next.

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Pedro has only said that he has picked his squad and that Kenny isn’t in it. But it is not as simple as that because the fans want to know what is going on.

I know there are a lot of supporters that don’t feel that Kenny has played that well and they would rather see another player in the team.

But this is a man that has seen it and done it for Rangers for many years and all of a sudden he is with the 20s. Why? I think the Rangers fans deserve to know.

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We can’t have this situation going on and on because there is too much happening off the field again. It is hard enough at Rangers without the focus being taken off the games.

If it is as simple as Kenny not being part of the manager’s plans anymore and him looking at other options, then that is fine. If it is something else, then that needs addressed.

There is more to be said here and it has to be settled before the St Johnstone game so that Rangers can get on with the job in hand.