THE process to appoint Pedro Caixinha’s successor as Rangers manager is underway and we have seen a handful of names linked with the position already.

Rangers can’t rush into an appointment, though. The board know they have to get this one right.

What Rangers have to do is get the best man possible. It is not a case of getting the cheapest man, it is about getting the best man, whoever that may be.

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Rangers have to take their time, go through the interviews and be as sure as you can be that whoever they appoint is the right man for the job.

There will be plenty of CVs coming into Ibrox and plenty of people will want this job, there is no doubt about that.

I have heard people say it is a poisoned chalice and that Celtic are so far ahead that it doesn’t matter who goes in because we won’t beat them for a few years. But this is still a big, big job for someone to get.

It is not a case of bringing a manager in to beat Brendan Rodgers, it is about bringing someone in to beat Celtic.

He has got a team that is playing very well at this moment in time and the next Rangers boss has to make his side better than them.

To do that, he will need to get similar quality of player in to what Celtic have got. If you can do that, you have got a chance.

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Whoever comes in will know what Rodgers is like and how his side plays. Domestically, Celtic are so far ahead of everyone else because they have got the most money and the best players.

The next Rangers boss will understand that but he be given money to spend to make his squad better to allow him to challenge.

I think the fans are looking for a bigger name, but you have to have the ability to go with it. You need to know the game, be good tactically and have an eye for a player.

There are a lot of boxes that need to be ticked before the appointment is made, and all of the candidates will have questions for Rangers as well.

I am sure there will be a lot of good people that are interested in this job and, as I said last week, the board have to take advice from people that know the club.

The supporters will be looking for someone with that X-factor, if you like, and I think the players will be looking for that as well.

It takes a certain kind of man to be in charge of a club like Rangers and you need to have that characteristics to handle the expectations.

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Rodgers is on more than £2million-per-year at Celtic. But he has brought two seasons’ worth of Champions League money and won the Treble last year.

Rangers need to have someone that makes Celtic think and that can deliver the success that the supporters want and the club needs.

Yes, it might cost you more money. But if you get the right man and you get success as a result, then that is progress and what Rangers need to do.

The board need to get the best manager that they can get. The most important person at any club is the manager.

He is the one that has the final say on players, that picks the side, that picks the tactics and that has to motivate the team. So he should always be getting the most money at the club.

You need to look for a personality, and when I say that I mean someone that can lead a club, someone that gets the best out of players.

It is a difficult task for the board but there is no margin for error here and this is a really important decision for them and Rangers.

Mark Allen, the Director of Football, and the board have plenty of people they can turn to for advice and they have got to sit down, go through the CVs, whittle that down to half a dozen and then interview a handful of candidates.

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This is a club that is different. Here, second is no use and the next manager will know he has to deliver the title.

It could take us a couple of years and he will want to avoid people thinking he will come in and wave a magic wand and the challenge will happen right away. Rangers have to be realistic and so do the supporters.

But we have got to see progress and this season we have got to finish second. We need to be above Aberdeen and then we take the challenge to Celtic from there.

If you are the manager coming to Rangers, you want to know exactly what you have got to play with to improve the squad and make that happen.

The reason you have the chance to be at Ibrox is because the man before you failed, so there is obviously something wrong at the club.

He will want funds to bring in a few players and there will be players that he wants to move on as well. He has to know exactly what is expected of him.

The next boss faces a lot of crucial decisions. Before then, the board must get their one right.