FOR the first time in his life, Marc Dickson is dreaming of celebrating a Rangers defeat.

And for the first time in his playing career, the 30-year-old midfielder feels at ease with the fact he is one devout, dyed-in-the-wool true blue who cannot buy an Ibrox season ticket.

With Fraserburgh awaiting their biggest game since a 1959 shock victory over an illustrious Dundee side, Dickson and his team-mates have been caught in a whirlwind of publicity, and patter and good wishes around the north-east town.

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But as they turn their focus to the very serious matter of turning in a performance against the Glasgow giants, Dickson is still pinching himself.

He said: "I am a Rangers fan, but on Sunday - for the first time in my life - I won't want them to win.

"I'm from Peterhead and Peterhead True Blues is a big Rangers supporters club. My brother is a Rangers fan, as is my dad.

"There is a strong Rangers contingency up here and they're gutted cause Rangers are only getting 350 tickets. That's just the way it has to be - there's nothing the club could do about it.

"But despite all that, my family will be supporting Fraserburgh. My dad has his Fraserburgh scarf and he comes to watch us every week.

"He will be rooting for his son to beat Rangers, 100 per cent, no matter his lifelong allegiance.

"Both he and my brother used to be season ticket holders at Ibrox, but these days dad comes to watch me.

"If I wasn't playing football, I would probably be a season ticket holder at Rangers, down supporting them every week.

"I've had to sacrifice that but, for this one big game, it has been worth it.

"It will be worth it, just to play against them once. It's a dream come true."

Fraserburgh have rarely landed any of the big clubs down the years, the most recent attractive tie in the cup coming against Falkirk where they performed well but collapsed late in the game.

Dickson stressed: "You're always hoping to get the chance to play at Ibrox or Parkhead. This is just as big.

"It's something the club deserves. I've been here for 12 or 13 years

and I never thought I'd see this happen. I am just glad to be a part of it."

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The build-up to the big game has passed in a whirl of texts, phone calls, ticket requests and laughter as the squad digests the magnitude of the task facing them.

Fraserburgh sit second in the Highland League behind clear title favourites Cove Rangers but even in the context of the northerly league are a low-budget, locally-bred squad.

Dickson said: "It's the biggest game of my life and the whole squad's lives. It's something we are really looking forward to.

"I am not used to this - all this media presence and cameras in my face. It has been madness.

"But it's part and parcel of the occasion. It's a circus we are happy to be involved in.

"From as soon as the draw was made, my phone hasn't stopped ringing. People are on all the time congratulating us.

"You'd think we had won the Scottish Cup. Folk want tickets as well. We could have sold out this place 10 times over and folk would still want tickets.

"We probably average 400-500 in normal times. For a top of the table clash, maybe we'd get 600-700. But nothing like this.

"I thought we would have got a bit more, but it's obviously down to the police that the capacity is kept at 1,800.

"If we are going to have any chance of beating Rangers, we are better off here at our own ground. If we played at Ibrox or Pittodrie, we would just get played off the park.

"On our home patch we are a match for anyone."

Dickson is praying the after-effects of Rangers' glamorous break in the Florida sunshine will work for the minnows as they step out in the freezing north-east Buchan fishing town.

He said: "They have come back from Florida, sunned-up, having had top of the range facilities. I'm hoping for a rainy day, howling gale and muddy pitch.

"They won't like that at all. If we get in about them, we will make life difficult for them. I am not saying we'll beat them, but we'll take a draw, 1-1 - and a replay at Ibrox."

Marc Dickson was appearing at a William Hill event. William Hill is proud sponsor of the Scottish Cup