I don’t think you can understate how important the game against Dundee is for Rangers, for Graeme Murty and for the players.

After losing to Celtic and Kilmarnock and drawing with Motherwell, this is a fixture that Rangers cannot afford to lose.

It is time for the team to stand up and be counted and for Graeme to prove a point as manager as well.

I would love to be in the dressing room to see what is being said, what the atmosphere is like. In fact, I would love to give the pre-match team-talk.

What gets to me is the amount of times the players are asked about Graeme and they say how much they like him and how much they want to do well for him.

Well, the way they are playing it doesn’t look like he is going to be their manager beyond the end of the season.

The mentality of this squad is something that I have mentioned a few times but it keeps coming back. For me, it is a real issue.

If you look at the players that Rangers have got, they are far better than what they have shown for most of the season.

At Fir Park on Saturday, everything they did well in the second half they didn’t do in the first half and it is amazing to think it is only a couple of weeks since the Old Firm game.

Before that, the fans were confident they could win the game and put up a challenge in the Premiership. All of a sudden, we have one point from nine and that is not good enough.

The closest we have been was a couple of weeks ago going into the game at Ibrox. We blew it.

Every great Rangers side of the past has had that character and will to win that you need to be successful. They had a winning mentality.

A draw is no use to Rangers. It doesn’t matter who you are playing or when you are playing.

Big Jock Wallace used to frown at draws and say ‘this club is not about draws, this is a winning club’.

That got into your head and, no matter what the score was, you fought right to the end. The amount of games we won late on was incredible, because we kept going and kept going.

I think Rangers do lack leadership on the park, there is no doubt about that whatsoever.

I don’t want nice people in my team, I want bad guys, people that are going to tell their fellow professionals to get their fingers out.

I was listening to someone talk about Arsenal the other day and they were saying they were a nice team and were nice to watch.

But at Rangers I don’t want nice. I want winners. I want winners that go out and give their absolute all for the jersey.

I was fortunate to play with John Greig, the best captain that Rangers ever had. But we also had people like Sandy Jardine, Alex MacDonald and Tam Forsyth, men that would lead and inspire those around them.

There were genuine characters in that side and that is not something we can say about this current Rangers team unfortunately.

Over the last few years, that attitude doesn’t seem to be there. Plus, the quality just isn’t the same.

But, you can be the most technically gifted player in the world and if you are not dedicated and consistent and can handle the pressure then you won’t make it.

That is the case at every great club around the world. There are brilliant players that have failed at the highest level because they didn’t have the mentality.

The results over the last couple of weeks have really put the pressure on Graeme and the players and the game with Dundee is massive Rangers.

With Aberdeen and Hibernian both winning in midweek, Rangers know they could be fourth come Saturday evening.

This is one where the players have got to stand up and be counted. We have heard the talk about how they like Graeme and what he has done for them. Well, if that is the case then you have to get results for him.

Rangers can’t afford to go into the post-split fixtures without a win in four Premiership games and potentially behind Aberdeen and Hibernian.

We know the home record this season has been diabolical so there is so much to consider on Saturday. It is a really, really important one for Rangers and maybe even the most important of the season so far.

We have to win it. If we drop points, we could be fourth and the heads will really go down.

We keep hearing about how well the players are training during the week. Well, we need to see that in every game between now and the end of the season.

The fans want results. Can the players deliver?