IT is only natural that Graeme Murty’s future as Rangers manager has been high up on the agenda ahead of the Old Firm semi-final.

But I have said before that it can’t be a case of waiting to see whether they beat Celtic, whether they win the Scottish Cup or whether they finish second in the Premiership before a decision is made.

If anyone wants to have a dig at Graeme Murty, I will argue with them. Everyone has got their opinion on whether he has been good or bad but what you can say is that he has given the job his best shot.

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He got a knock at the door one day, was asked to take the first team and he stepped up when Rangers needed him. He has grabbed the opportunity with both hands but his inexperience has shown at times.

Overall, I think he has done well but the question is whether he is the man to take Rangers forward? That is what the board must have at the forefront of their minds.

Every week the supporters are changing their minds. It is a case of if he wins he should stay and if he loses he should go. It will be the same on Sunday.

But it is not as simple as that. You can’t swing one way or the other depending on one game. You need to look over a period of time.

I think the board have probably decided what is going to happen but there is no benefit in coming out and saying ‘Look, Graeme, it doesn’t matter what you do, you won’t be getting the job’.

If that is the case, they need to keep that to themselves. It would be really unfair to come out and say that, but they do need to keep him in the loop and there is no doubt the board and Mark Allen will talk to Graeme all the time.

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There is lots to consider at Ibrox right now but, when you get down to it, the biggest question is this: Is Graeme Murty the man to deliver the success everyone associated with the club wants?

I would imagine the majority of the fans, at this moment in time, will say no. By now, the board must know the answer to that as well.

I don’t think you can judge that on whether he beats Celtic at Hampden or not or whether he finishes second. The board have to have all-but made up their minds by now and they need to have an idea of what direction Rangers are heading.

Put it this way, I would be very surprised if Graeme is the manager next season. I am not saying he definitely won’t be, but I would be surprised.

I think the fans like Graeme. I like Graeme as a man, but is he the manager that Rangers need right now? I think the odds are stacked against him.

Dave King praised Graeme for the job that he has done this week and spoke about delivering ‘immediate success’ next season.

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I don’t think you can read too much into whether Graeme will still be the manager on the back of that, though. He didn’t say he was getting the job or he isn’t.

It was Dave’s pitch to the supporters for season books and there will be a lot of focus on who the manager will be. I’m not sure people will or won’t renew because of the appointment, though.

The fans have shown tremendous loyalty to the team, even when they haven’t met the demands and there has been little to show for their backing.

I have no doubt whatsoever that they will be there again next season but they need something from the board to give them a bit of enthusiasm and hope. And that will start with an announcement about the manager.