The whole issue with ticket allocations being cut smacks me as a bit petty.

For years there have been significant allocations made available to those who wish to travel and it seems bizarre to go about changing it now, for whatever reason.

Celtic have basically come out and responded in kind to what Rangers have done, but the whole thing is unnecessary.

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If I were a Celtic player walking out at Ibrox knowing that they had gone out of their way to make it as hostile as possible by reducing the visiting fans to around just 800, I am pretty sure that it would simply fire my determination to get a result.

I just don’t understand the reasoning behind it. Perhaps this is how Rangers feel they might have a better chance of winning one of the games against Celtic, because they are probably in a position where they are wondering what that feels like.

Only time will tell if it facilitates them in that regard, although we all know that the games are won on the pitch.

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In terms of a safety aspect, I actually think that it almost makes it harder to police. If you have smaller numbers then the intimidation levels are likely to be significantly higher for a small number going in and out of the stadium, so I am not sure that it will be any great saving that way.

It is an atmosphere like no other and it has been this way for a long, long time. There have been isolated incidents throughout the years when fans have been banned or otherwise but it has the effect of galvanising the visiting team. We shall soon see.