Another weekend and another club in for Brendan Rodgers.

And I have to say I am not buying it at all.

For a start, I just can’t see Brendan leaving Celtic to go to a Championship club. His stock is higher than that, surely?

And here is the real issue for me – I just think he wants to rise to the challenge at Celtic this year.

I am not an authority. I could be completely wrong and if so you can all take great delight in telling me that you told me so, but I just can’t see Brendan walking away from Celtic right now.

If I am left with egg on my face then so be it but this is my column and this is my opinion.

I heard a lot of people going over his comments to the written press in the wake of Sunday’s win at St Johnstone when Brendan said that he “you can’t rule me out because I’ve never been asked”. To me there is nothing there that would lead me to think he is leaving the door open for Villa.

he is being honest. If he hasn’t been asked then there really isn’t a story. He cannot deny something that has not actually happened, can he?

And actually if I were in his shoes I think I’d be pretty fed up with it. How many times does he have to say that he enjoys his work at Celtic, that he enjoys his life at Celtic?

He will leave one day, nothing lasts forever, but I just don’t get the vibe off Brendan that he feels as though that time is now.

For the first time since he arrived at the club there is a genuine challenge to go and win the league.

It is not as cosy and comfortable as it has been over the last two seasons and I think that is something that he relishes.

I think he’ll thrive off of knowing that Hibs and Hearts and Rangers and Aberdeen are all capable of turning up on a day and playing well, of pushing Celtic over the distance. I still think that over the course of a 38-game season that Celtic will come out on top.

And I do feel that he must be getting to the point of being exasperated talking about his commitment to Celtic all the time.

He is trying to build a team at the club. He is trying to do a job and motivate players who have already been over the course for him more than once.

I know how much he loves his work at Celtic. I know how much he enjoys being on the training ground and working with players. I also know his frustrated he was this summer than he didn’t get the players that he wanted into the club.

But I just don’t think that his reaction to that is to go looking for another club. And let’s be honest here too; Brendan is independently wealthy outside of football. He doesn’t need to work to pay the bills.

So this is not about money. He can afford to go where he feels he is happy and I just have no reason to disbelieve that he is not enjoying his time at Celtic. Of course there have been issues and frustrations but that is normal.

It will happen at any club you go to.

If I am wrong here I will have plenty of people who will enjoy telling me so. But I genuinely believe that when he says he is in his dream job that he means it.

He is asking to get more out of players who have given him their everything in recent seasons and I think that is hard.

But you would like to think now that the win and the nature of the performance up at Perth on Sunday could just give Celtic the little jump that they need.

A result like that always gives you a lot of confidence and I don’t think anyone would have felt it was unfair had it ended up 10-0 given how dominant Celtic were.

And from there you would like to think that this is the kind of result that can be the springboard into a really demanding run of games now. Neil Lennon is doing an incredible job at Hibs and they will not be easy opponents for Celtic after this international break, nor will Hearts be at Murrayfield.

So you hope that this kind of performance against St Johnstone augers well as Celtic look to get themselves back to the top of the league.