I know Kris Boyd and I respect him and what he has done as a player but I have to say he is talking nonsense about a split in the Celtic dressing room.

To me it is pretty simple; his old team look as though they have turned a corner. They are playing a little bit of football and the garden is rosy at the minute for Steven Gerrard.

And I think Kris is looking to rattle Celtic’s cage. He is wanting to noise people up.

Or maybe he knows something that I don’t. Maybe he has a really good friend in the Celtic dressing room who runs back to him telling tales but I don’t think I really believe that.

That team who scored six against St Johnstone – did that look like a divided team? That celebration when every single outfield player ran to congratulate James Forrest – did that look like team with a split in it?

Not everyone gets on all the time. At every club I have ever been at there have been arguments and heated discussions at half-time, at full-time, on the training ground. It happens.

And you know what? Sometimes managers actively encourage it because it gets it out. Because people get to have their say and the team can be better off for it.

It happens. And just as in every work place up and down the country, some people will warm to one guy and not so much to another person. It’s life. It doesn’t mean you have a split in your dressing room.

I just think Kris has a platform now because he has his eyes on a career as a pundit and columnist when his playing time comes to an end. And for that you need to have an opinion and have something to say so this is him looking to get a few tongues wagging – and irritate Celtic in the process.

He is as entitled to his opinion as anyone else. I don’t have an issue with it at all. I just think you have to take a step back and have a think about his motivation for saying it.