Brendan Rodgers is at Celtic to get them to 10-in-a-row.

There, I’ve said it. And I’ll say it again and again.

I don’t care of Newcastle are looking at him and thinking that he might be the man if they part company with Rafa Benitez or if Leicester are thinking that he might be a better option than Claude Puel.

In terms of money both of these clubs could blow Celtic entirely out of the water both in terms of what they can offer on a personal level and on a transfer budget.

But that isn’t what it is about for Rodgers.

I know because he has told me personally than he is happy with his life and happy at his work in Glasgow. As I have said in this column already, if I end up with egg on my face then so be it and I am sure I won’t be able to open my phone without being reminded of it on a daily basis.

But I honestly believe what I am saying. I think Brendan has his heart set on being the man to deliver the ten.

I don’t think he would ever say that publicly and not do I think that he will really focus too much on anything other than ensuring Celtic get to eight this season, but the bottom line for me is that he is motivated and happy at his work.

It was interesting that he made the point about the board standing still again in the aftermath of the weekend win over Hibs. And for me that is a little reminder as the January window approaches that he expects to be backed in terms of the players that he wants to bring into the club.

And I think he will get what he wants.