Callum McGregor will not be asked to play a more defensive role this evening as he continues to deputise for the injured Scott Brown.

The Scotland midfielder has impressed in recent weeks with his versatility and Rodgers has pointed to his position as being the fulcrum of how Celtic look to play and press the game.

“If you ever want to find out what type a team is, look at the holding midfielder,” said Rodgers. “If it’s a centre half you probably know they want to defend. If it’s a ‘player’, you know they probably want to play. But you still have to be able to press and do the dirty work.

“But Callum does that well. He does the footballing aspect naturally but why he is also in there is that tactically he can read the game so well. He’s one of your tactical decision-makers.

“That player needs to be able to slide and fill gaps when full-backs go, press up on to the ball and fill other spaces.

“You don’t put him in there just because he can play. He doesn’t need to be jumping in with two feet. He can intercept, he can block, and importantly he’s comfortable and happy to have the ball. Recently you’ve seen the quality he plays the game with.

“He plays the same game [tonight]. The job doesn’t change. When you defend, you have to fill gaps, fill spaces. When one of the eights jump you have to jump up and fill the gap. And when you have the ball you’re constantly moving to be an option.

“The beauty of what he does is when he takes it his touch normally allows you to go forward.”