CELTIC manager Brendan Rodgers says that his starting line-up for the match against Livingston today will be influenced by the fact the game is taking place on an artificial pitch, with players being left out who would otherwise have been selected.

Rodgers has been a vocal critic of astroturf surfaces in the Premiership, believing that it ruins the spectacle of football for fans.

And he is also worried that the enforced changes to his side may interrupt the momentum that his side have built up over recent weeks as the champions have hit their stride.

“There is a concern," said Rodgers. "Some players won’t be able to play, so it breaks up the rhythm and it's always disappointing for supporters.You don't get the best game.

“It's a bit of both when it comes to injuries and recovery time, for some players it's really difficult for them on these pitches."

While Rodgers wishes to see astroturf surfaces outlawed in the Scottish top-flight, he wants to see help given to clubs who rely on the income from their artificial pitches to transition to grass.

“I've said before about the Scottish Premiership as our flagship, it's the league that gets screened around Europe and I don't think it does us any favours having games on astro," he said.

“But the clubs who do have them need help - they're community clubs, the likes of Hamilton, Kilmarnock, Livingston, so how can we help them get what St Johnstone have? A lovely pitch, and an astroturf right outside, so they can still generate funds, but they play their games on grass.

“So we keep moving standards up. How can government and football help them? Pitches like Dundee, Partick Thistle, Motherwell - fantastic surfaces.

“And our job is to entertain supporters. So let's do that. I understand there’s a business side so how can we help get grass pitches and make this league the best it can be, whilst these clubs retain their opportunity to stay afloat?

“But in terms of football we'll go there, give our very best and try to get three points."

The astroturf pitch at the Tony Macaroni Arena pitch has come in for particular criticism this season due to the number of black pellets on the surface, and Rodgers joked that there may be some underhand tactics deployed ahead of their visit to disrupt their passing game.

“I’d suggest there’ll be a few more poured on there before we get there!" he said.