There is always a lot of enjoyment from supporters when the international chat is put to one side and the domestic games take precedence again.

But I have to say that there will be an element of ‘here we go again’ this weekend as Celtic head to Hamilton and another plastic pitch.

I hate plastic surfaces. And I know that there have been a lot of advancements in recent years and they are always striving to replicate a proper pitch as best they can but for me they just should not be anywhere near competitive football.

I can understand the economic reasons behind them for clubs who are struggling for revenue. They can definitely bring in cash and they are well used community facilities but at the same time they are murder to play on and games on them are rotten to watch.

I came through to professional football from Luton who had the first plastic pitch – and I know we are a world away from that now in terms of the quality of 4G pitches – but I do sometimes have cause to wonder about the fact I had two serious back operations and three big knee operations in my career.

It is impossible to say whether or not that is attributable to playing on astroturf so much in those early years but I certainly don’t think it helped.

Still, this is the start now of an 11-game period between now and the mid-season break and I am sure that Celtic will want to kick it off with a decent result. Simply getting through the game with no injuries will feel like a bonus but with so many big games looming then you want to get off to a string start.