THE signing of Jermain Defoe has given Steven Gerrard a chance to change his system at times and go with two through the middle, like he did against St Mirren on Saturday.

But you could well see him go back to the 4-3-3 formation and have Alfredo Morelos as the main striker against Aberdeen tomorrow night.

He is a different kind of centre-forward to Defoe. He plays more like a target man in that he can hold it in, he can come short, while Defoe plays on the shoulder and he stretches the game.

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Defoe now has two goals from his four appearances and there is no doubt that he will score goals at this level. He hasn’t played a lot of football, but he is getting sharper all the time.

He is someone that has played with a partner before but that is not something Morelos has had to do on a regular basis since he joined Rangers.

Whether he plays with him on a matchday or not, the one thing for sure is that Morelos will be learning from Defoe every single day.

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Defoe is well known for his finishing ability, but if you watch his movement it is absolutely brilliant. He is so sharp and he knows where to be when the ball is in different positions, he reads the game so well.

Morelos can only learn from that and playing with Defoe can only help his game, whether that is as a single striker or as part of a two.

Can they work together? To be honest, I still don’t know. It does take time to form a partnership and we will have to wait and see.